Horton Mill Community Primary School


At Horton Mill we have specifically designed our own curriculum based on the interests and needs of our children, whilst at the same time working within the National Curriculum Framework.

Subject leaders have explored the progression of their subject from EYFS through to Year 6 through implementing sequential long term plans for their subject.

Horton Mill Primary School is committed to creating a high quality, safe, encouraging but challenging learning environment and caring ethos which values everyone. We have the highest expectations for behaviour through striving for continuous improvement and we expect all our children to be ‘Going for Gold’. We encourage all children to become confident, articulate, happy children and to ‘Aspire, Believe and Achieve’.

We intend to inspire our children to be highly motivated, independent learners with high standards of self-discipline who actively participate in a balanced and relevant inclusive curriculum ensuring equal opportunities for all. We inspire our children to explore, discover and be curious about their learning journey as they take ownership of the curriculum through exciting and meaningful ‘Learning Challenges’.

We are committed to providing a range of experiences so that our children can aspire to lead healthy and fulfilling lives.

What are we aiming to achieve?

Our curriculum will:

  • Encourage children to be healthy, stay safe, enjoy and achieve, make a positive contribution and achieve economic well-being. We will promote true ‘life- long’ learning where children see their learning at Horton Mill as the beginning of their learning journey.
  • Develop the four fundamental skills of ‘Resilience, Reflectiveness, Resourcefulness and Reciprocity’ in order to prepare our children for life in modern society.
  • Promote the importance of community cohesion and global awareness.
  • Promote children’s understanding of rights and their responsibilities to others, their community and the wider world.
  • Inspire, motivate and challenge!