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Year 6

Welcome to Year Six!

As you know, Year Six is the children’s final year before they move on to Secondary school. It is a challenging and very busy year, but will also be an exciting and rewarding one!

Our Year Six team is made up of Miss Lake, Mrs Peerzada and Miss Bamforth. Our team will always be happy to talk to you about your child’s learning. It is best to come to see up at home time!

All children, regardless of ability, will work with a range of adults throughout the week. They will be supported and challenged daily in exciting activities to ensure they reach their full potential.

Year Six Values:

  • We have incredibly high expectations of behaviour, learning and attitude. It is right that we want all our children to feel pride, a sense of achievement and have a determination to do their best.
  • We encourage all children to take responsibility for their actions and the decisions they make, in different situations.
  • We promote independence because this is a crucial life skill. It is right that children are expected to think and act for themselves and make well informed decisions.
  • We support children so that they are not afraid to get things wrong and show openness and honesty when they’re stuck.
  • We encourage children to show resilience, be reflective and resourcefulness and use reciprocity skills to help them to become well rounded and happy children.
  • We believe that if the school, parents and children can work together, we can ensure effective support is provided for each person.

General information:


PE kits are needed each Wednesday and Thursday. Please note that PE kits may also be needed if your child attends after school sports clubs. Children are allowed to bring a roll on deodorant (not spray) to use after P.E lessons. Personal hygiene is very important in Year Six. The children should be encouraged to shower or have a bath regularly.


Children will receive weekly home-learning. Home learning will be given on Friday to be returned the following Friday. This gives plenty of time for all learning  to be completed to a high standard.


Reading is an essential skill. The more children read, the more effective they will be as a reader, and the better chance they have being successful in the future.

We encourage our children to read at home each day. Books are available from school for your child to take home. Please check that your child is reading regularly and discussing their book. It is really important that you check their understanding as they are reading.

Children are expected to bring their reading books, home-learning and P.E kits to school in a bag when they are needed. In Year Six children are allowed to use any school bag of their choice, rather than a book bag. This is preparing them for Secondary school.

We will also be providing our Year 6 children with log ins to access a fantastic reading website: www.readtheory.org

This website has thousands of texts and also sets questions for children to answer based on the text they have just read. It is a very useful website for them to be using on a regular basis, especially in the lead up to the SATs.


Thank you

Thank you for taking the time to read this information. Please understand that the adults in Year Six are always happy to meet with you to discuss your child. We look forward to a happy and successful year.


Pictures to come soon!


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