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Welcome to Year 3’s Webpage

January 2021     Welcome to the Year 3 page.

Happy New Year to all Year 3 children and families, we do hope that you have had a lovely, restful break. We were really looking forward to seeing you this week and hear all about your time away from school and also to start our new topic about Greek Myths. Unfortunately, we are all now being asked to work from home and although we do all wish we were together in school, you will still be provided with exciting learning opportunities each day. I know that home learning can be a little difficult for some of you, but please remember that your teachers are here to help you and we know that you can do it! Remember Year 3, we are all ‘Going for Green!’

You will each receive a phone call this week, so if you are having any difficulties with accessing the online learning then please let us know and we can help you. You will find the home learning on Google Classroom each day, it is so important that this is completed each and every day and submitted before 5 o’clock.  If you do have difficulties accessing the learning on Google Classroom then please let us know when you are contacted, in the meantime, you can use the information below to ensure your child is completing the mandatory home learning.

Your child has logins for Purple Mash and Google Classroom. 

Year 3 Home Learning  (If you cannot access Google Classroom)

For each day that your child is at home, they need to continue with their learning using Google Classroom, if this is not possible, please use the online resources listed below.

Reading (30 minutes) Online books available – Oxford Owl

Maths (1 hour) Online lessons available – National Oak Academy

English (writing/grammar/handwriting/spelling) (1 hour) – BBC Bitesize

Topic/science (1 hour) Purple Mash login & BBC Bitesize

Listen to an online story (Youtube/BBC etc)

Please ensure that your child does this amount of learning every day. Your child will fall behind others in the class if they do not complete home-learning for every day they are still at home. (If your child is poorly they must rest).


Reading (30 minutes) Online books available at Oxford Owl.

Go to the Oxford Owl website and use the class login. Choose the same colour book band as your child brings home.

Look for this and then use the login details below. 

Class login:  year3hm20
Password: gold

Your child can read the book and complete the activities given.


Maths (1 hour) Online lessons available on Oak National Academy– Key Stage 2. Focus on Place Value please.

Your child can also use Hit the Button as a fun way to work on their times tables and number bonds.


English (1 hour)

BBC Bitesize  has online lessons with short videos and activities. The videos are very informative so please encourage your child to watch them.

ICTgames also has some games where your child can practise spelling patterns and tricky words.


Topic/Science/Foundation subjects (1-2 hours)

Complete some Science or geography learning using Purple Mash (I have set some learning on here linked to our current topics) and BBC Bitesize .

Your child should also spend some time completing art and craft learning and taking part in physical activity (You can use the Joe Wicks videos or the BBC have some ideas).



If you need any further advice then please do not hesitate to contact the school on  info@hortonmill.oldham.sch.uk

Many thanks for your continued support!

Mrs Clavin and Mrs Hartley.

Spring 1

Welcome back!

Our BIG question this half term is  ‘Why do so many people go to the Mediterranean on holiday?’ We will be using atlases to locate capital cities on neighbouring Mediterranean countries, using geographical vocabulary and work on being able to use grid references and basic OS symbols.  It is such an enjoyable topic, that may perhaps leave you wishing you lived there! 

Reading and Home Learning

Reading at home and sharing a book with your child is vital! Your child will be bringing a book home each Monday and we ask that you spend around 10-15 minutes each night sharing a book with your child and then asking them questions based on their book. Why?, How do you know? and Explain? are excellent questions to use to get your child really thinking about what they have read.  Your child should ensure that they have their book bag in school each day so that their book can be changed accordingly and so that the current safety precautions can be followed (books will need to be quarantined before they can be taken home by somebody else!) Your child will have access to books in school throughout the week as usual. 

Your child has brought home a list of spellings from the year 3 and 4 statutory word list. Practicing these at home will greatly help their spellings in school work. Other home learning will include learning times tables- x3, x4 and x8 in particular. Homework in year 3 is project based (linked to our topic) where the children will have 4 weeks to complete a variety of tasks that they choose from a wide list. Home learning (homework) is now set on Google Classroom each Friday- it is then to be submitted on Google Classroom the following Friday. We would encourage you to complete homework electronically or to take photographs of the homework and submit those. This is due to the current situation that we find ourselves in, in relation to Coronavirus. 


Children in Year 3  will be continuing to work on improving their writing skills. This half term, children will be writing fact files about the Greek Gods and Goddesses and will also be writing Greek myths and non-chronological reports.  Continuing on from last half term, a big focus will be on vocabulary- we will do lots of discussion around these words and will have lots of new and exciting words displayed in class for the children to use. They will continue to try and use a wider variety of conjunctions in their writing, they will use adverbs to make their writing more interesting and they will begin to edit and improve their own work so that they are producing the best piece of written work possible each time. 


This half term, children will be learning about multiplication and division. They will focus on grouping and sharing and will work on their times tables to enable them to multiply and divide a 2-digit number by a 1-digit number.  It is essential that by the time your child leaves Year 3 they are fluent in their 3, 4 and 8 times tables.The children will have the opportunity to use lots of practical equipment to help them understand these maths concepts easier.


This half term, Year 3’s Science topic is ‘Animals including humans-skeletons’. The children will be able to name the main bones in the human skeleton, understand the three main functions of the human skeleton (movement, support and protection) focussing on the roles of muscles and joints. We always start and end each science topic with a quiz so that the children can see what they know at the start and end of their learning and the children enjoy celebrating their successes 🙂 

Children have P.E. lessons on a Tuesday and Friday. At this current time, children are asked to come to school in their PE kits on those days-there is no need to bring a bag with uniform to change back into, the children will stay in their kit all day. Please wear warm clothing, black leggings or joggers with a white t-shirt and a hoody or sweatshirt as we will be doing most of these lessons outside. Trainers would be more preferable than pumps for this reason.

We are eager to begin learning again and are hopeful that our learning will not be interrupted. We are confident that Year 3 will be a success for your child and please remember that if you do have any questions, please do not hesitate to ring or email school. We will then arrange the most convenient time to talk, as unfortunately there is no longer the opportunity to speak at the door due to the safety restrictions in place.

Many thanks for your continued support.

Mrs Clavin and Mrs Hartley (Class Teachers) 

Mrs Munir, Mrs Akhtar and Mrs Cooper ( Class Teaching Assistants )



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