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Welcome to Class 3’s Webpage

School Closure- Week beginning 30/03/2020

Year 3 Home Learning

*******Important Information below please read! **********

Google classroom

We have set Google Classroom up. This will allow us to communicate more easily and if you would like us to do so, we will set the work on Google Classroom as opposed to the school website. Please see below for Tuesday’s learning (31.03.2020)

Mrs Cook will be sending a text to you all today (31.3.2020) with your username and password. If you did not receive the text for any reason, please  send a email to the school office with the email address below and we will rectify this.


How to log in

When you have your log in details (in the text message), click on the link below to find out how to get into the classroom. We have already invited each child to my online classroom, so you only have follow steps 1,2 and 3 or just read below!

Log in help –Logging in help

Logging In

  1. Go to Google and search for ‘Google classroom login’.


  1. Click on the “Sign In” button. The sign in page should look like the picture to the right of this message.



  1. Sign in with your new username and password. You need to make sure that you put it in correctly.



Once you have logged your child in, please comment on the message so that we know you have access to it.

Many thanks for all of your efforts Mrs Clavin and Mrs Hartley 🙂


Tuesday 31/03/2020

Good morning everybody! Please can I remind children and parents not to worry if you are finding any of the work tricky. If you do have any questions about the work then please write on Twitter or on Google Classroom. If you cannot access the internet to complete the activities given below, that is absolutely fine, please complete the work sent home in your home learning pack (not all in one go!) A BIG thank you to those children who have already shared pictures of their work with us on Twitter, it is lovely to see some of you  and all of the learning that you have been doing 🙂 We look forward to seeing you back at school, Mrs Clavin and Mrs Hartley.

Keeping Active- Jog for two minutes. Also don’t forget that Joe Wicks has a workout available here too.

English ActivityPlease write the short date in your exercise book and complete the homophone activity below. Use the poster that I have given to help you! Using two, too, or to is something that many of us found tricky in class, so please think carefully about when you should use each one!





Reading Tasks–  Please look at the picture given below again. In your exercise book, can you write five  questions that will help you to get a better understanding of the picture.

E.g. Why is Alice with these people? 

Think carefully about what questions need. (Capital letters and question marks and think of the question starters- Who, What, When, Where, Why and How).

Can you discuss these questions with somebody at home and if you like you could write down their responses.


Maths Activity– Please use Hit the Button  and practise your number bonds to 100.  Tell us on Twitter how many you got correct in 1 minute!

In your exercise book please work through Lesson 2- Step 7- Fractions of a set of objects (1)  (find it hereGathering objects may help you with this. You can use any objects such as toys, raisins or Cheerios.

*****Parents, you can find a really helpful short video showing you clearly and simply how to help your child to complete the activity and the answers are also included- please click here. *******


Directed Activity 1- Science 

Watch this video 

about magnets. We have not looked at magnets yet so please don’t worry if you find this tricky. Do you have any magnets on your fridge that you could investigate with and  use to help you answer  the question? This video may also help you

In your exercise book, answer this question:

How were the animals able to escape from the cat?

I’d like to see you use the word attract in your answer.



Directed Activity 2- Spellings

Please practise these spellings.


  1. appear
  2. arrive
  3. believe
  4. bicycle
  5. breath

Can you include each of the words in a sentence?


Please remember if you do find any of the learning tricky do not worry and message us on Twitter with any questions you may have.
Thank you Mrs Clavin and Mrs Hartley


DAILY CHALLENGE – Friday 3rd April 2020


Daily challenge! Today we want you to draw a picture of your favourite place in the world! It can be anywhere with anyone! Tweet us your amazing artwork!





Mrs Clavin and Mrs Hartley



Spring Term 2

Welcome back!

As always, this half term in Year 3 is going to be a chance for you to learn lots!

Our BIG question this half term is  ‘Would you have enjoyed life if you were Alice?’ We will be transporting back to the Victorian times with a visit to Portland Basin.  We will be comparing life in the Victorian times to life in England today and we will be learning what life was like if you were poor in this time period. In addition, we will be learning about what school was like in the Victorian times and also finding out about famous illustrators. Our shared text for English is ‘Alice in Wonderland’ by Emma Chichester Clark. 

Reading and Home Learning

Reading at home and sharing a book with your child is vital! Your child will be bringing a book home each night and we ask that you spend around 10-15 minutes each night sharing a book with your child and then asking them questions based on their book. Why?, How do you know? and Explain? are excellent questions to use to get your child really thinking about what they have read.  Your child will change their book on a regular basis each week and they are provided with the opportunity to choose their own book so that they can choose one that really interests them. They will also bring home a reading record book to fill in each time they read to you or another adult. 

Your child has brought home a list of spellings from the year 3 and 4 statutory word list. Practicing these at home will greatly help their spellings in school work. Other home learning will include learning times tables- x3, x4 and x8 in particular. Homework in year 3 is project based (linked to our topic) where the children will have 4 weeks to complete a variety of tasks that they choose from a wide list. This helps greatly with the understanding of our topic work. Please have high expectations of any work handed in. We have been impressed by a lot of what we have seen from the children and their families.


Children in Year 3 will continue to work extremely hard on their writing skills each week.  A big focus this half term is on vocabulary- we will do lots of discussion around these words and will have lots of new and exciting words displayed in class for the children to use. They will continue to try and use a wider variety of conjunctions in their writing, they will use adverbs to make their writing more interesting and they will be able to edit and improve their own work so that they are producing the best piece of written work possible each time. 


This half term, children will learn about properties of shape, time, addition and subtraciton and fractions.  It is essential that by the time your child leaves Year 3 they are fluent in their 3, 4 and 8 Times Tables. They should already be confident with their 2, 5 and 10 Times Tables. We will also be learning to use scales with different intervals to measure weight, temperature and length. A range ofconcrete (apparatus), pictorial and abstract methods will be used. 


This half term, Year 3’s Science topic is ‘Forces and Magnets’. The children will look at what a force is, they will carry out investigations where they test out the friction created by different surfaces and will also investigate magnetic forces. We always start and end each science topic with a quiz so that the children can see what they know at the start and end of their learning and the children enjoy celebrating thier successes 🙂 

Children have P.E. lessons on a Monday afternoon and a Thursday afternoon, it is essential that your child has their kit each week. Our PE kit includes black shorts, a white t-shirt and black school pumps. Black school pumps should be kept in school at all times in case of extra P.E. activities. 

We look forward to welcoming you back to school and hope that Year 3 will be a success for your child. If you do have any questions then please do not hesitate  to come and speak to us before school or after school. 

Remember, if you do need to discuss anything with us then please do not hesitate to speak to us either before or after school. 

Many thanks for your continued support.

Mrs Clavin and Mrs Hartley (Class Teachers) 


During School closures please check the class page regularly for updates and new activities. As well as the packs you have been given there will be more activities added to support your learning.

Use the website below to look at the picture of the day and use your exercise book to complete the suggested activities.


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