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School’s Offer

School’s Offer for Children with Additional Needs

As a SENCO collab we intend to work on the school’s offer in October 2013. The following areas will be addressed:

1. How we identify individual special educational learning needs.

2. How we involve pupils and their parents/carers in identifying SEN and planning to meet them.

3. How we adapt the curriculum so that we meet SEN.

4. How we modify teaching approaches.

5. How we assess pupil progress towards the outcomes we have agreed. How we review this progress so that pupils stay on track to make good progress (including how we involve pupils and their parents/carers in this process).

6. What equipment or resources we use to provide extra support.

7. What extra support we bring in to help us meet SEN: specialist services, external expertise and how we work together collaboratively. 

8. Extra-curricular activities available for pupils with SEN.

9. How we support pupils in their transition into our school and when they leave us.

10. How additional funding works.

11. Where pupils can get extra support. 

12. Where parents/carers can get extra support. 

13. What to do if you feel your child’s needs are not being met. 


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