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Year 2

June 2020 – Summer Term 2          Welcome to the Year 2 Page.

Week beginning 06/07/2020      (Parents or older children please help to organise the activites below).

Good morning children. We delivered packs of learning to all your homes last week and you will receive another one  this week. Watch out for Mrs Akhtar and Mrs Cooper coming to deliver it to you. It is good to look here for links to videos and online activities that I set. 

This week we are continuing the Journeys topic. We will be taking a journey around the world to learn about countries in all the different continents. Find the activities for this topic further down the page.

This week is a little bit different. I won’t be changing the page every day because I will be very busy with children in school – my Year 1 bubble.

The links to everything you need are on this page and you have your paper packs to work through. It will be lovely to still hear from you on Purple Mash though so please do the activities that are set there and perhaps send me an email message.

This week you might like to start the morning with some warm-up exercise by doing the Dream Big Sports Dance at Home Challenge with Miss Power.

Or you could do the Joe Wicks 5 minute workout. If you have lots of energy you could try both!

Reading and writing:

You have online access to lots of the books that we use in school for guided reading on these websites:

For the Oxford Owls website you have the  class login: 2020y2      password: pink

Before we stopped going to school because of lockdown we had done lots of work to make sure that you are all excellent readers.

Don’t let those skills get forgotten. Choose a book each day – either on Oxford Owls or a real book that you already have or can borrow.




Learn about organising words into alphabetical order by using the BBC Bitesize videos and activities.

Then put these countries into alphabetical order.



Here is a list of Year 2 spelling words for this week.

whole, any, many, clothes, busy, people, water, again, half, money

You will be having a spelling sheet to practise these words  delivered to your house later this week.

There is also an Purple Mash activity for you to do.

Online phonics lessons. We are starting this week’s lessons at lesson 41 because the lessons continued during our school holiday week. The links for the lesson you need or any that you have missed are there at any time. For parents there is a short video (click) that shows you how children are taught to say each of the phonic sounds.

Reception Lesson 46 (click) if your child is reading a book that is a red, yellow, blue or green book band.

Year 1 Lesson 46 (click). All children in Year 2 will benefit from this lesson because it will help them to improve their spelling of words that have sounds that can have various spelling patterns. This is an area of spelling that children often make mistakes with.

Learning to blend lessons (click) if your child is reading a book that is a pink, red, yellow, blue or green book band.


You were working hard at learning and remembering times tables facts last week. You all know that you can practise on the Hit the Button game. You really need to know your 2x, 5x, 10x and 3x tables before you start in Year 3

Well done to the children that completed the times tables activities on Purple Mash last week. 

If you have any of the printed White Rose Maths sheets that you need to complete and you are not sure what to do, find the lesson you need on this website and watch it before you try the questions.

Summer Term – Week 10 (w/c 29/06/2020)

The videos for all this week’s lessons can be found by clicking this link. Just scroll down the page to the lesson you need. The activity sheets for each lesson will be brought in your workpack on Wednesday.

Monday – Litres – online video lesson

Tuesday – Temperature – online video lesson


Wednesday – O’clock & half past – online video lesson

Thursday – Quarter past & quarter to – online video lesson



Journeys topic – getting ready for your journey back to school

Usually, at this time of year in school, we would be looking back over our year of learning and thinking about moving on into Year 3.

In your pack this week, you will find a booklet and other activities that will help you to get ready to move on. Complete these over the week.



We have introduced Storytime Phonics into Early Years and Key Stage 1 and we will be using it in Year 2 to support phonics teaching for those children that didn’t pass the Y1 phonics screening. It will also be used to support all children to develop their use of phonics to spell accurately during their independent writing. The phonics fairy reads stories to the children; gives them action captions to help remember the sounds and shows them how to write each sound correctly.

There will be lots of opportunities for writing, both in English lessons and for our learning challenge. Year 2 children will be supported to become more independent in developing their own ideas and to be ambitious in their use of vocabulary. During this half term there is a focus on children writing more interesting sentences using different sentence openers and including adjectives to write expanded noun phrases. You can support your child at home by talking to them about what they have been learning about, and it is very important that they are helped to learn their weekly spellings.


The main focus for this half term is to support children to begin to have a real understanding of what multiplication means. Your child does need to rote learn some times tables facts (2x, 5x & 10x) but they also need to be clear about what those facts mean so that they can apply them to different types of questions. Children will also begin to understand that division is the inverse operation to multiplication and they will begin to recognise and write simple fractions.

Your child also needs to have a clear understanding of place value and the difference between tens and ones.

We use lots of practical resources in our lessons so that children have a really clear concept of number. Children record their learning in many ways and it may be different from the formal methods that many adults are used to from their own school days. If your child needs to use counters at home to help them with homework, they can use simple household items such as buttons, straws or pieces of dry pasta. It is useful if you talk to your child about using numbers when you are shopping, cooking or looking at the time. This half term, we are going to be working really hard to ensure good fluency of the key number facts.

Some children are being invited to attend after school maths boosters to support their classroom learning. It is really important that your child attends each week if they have been invited.

We always try to make our lessons fun and interesting but we do expect children to work hard in class. Your child will cope much better with the school day if you ensure that they have enough sleep every day and are fresh for learning every morning. We are supporting children to become more independent but at this age they will need support from you to remember book bags and PE kit. The children are now very used to the routines and expectations of Year 2 and are very enthusiastic about their learning.

Mrs J Law (class teacher) & Ms A Holland (teaching assistant)

Mrs R Akhtar & Mrs Cooper (learning support assistants)























Enrichment Days



Role Play


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