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Year 2

April 2020 – Summer Term 1          Welcome to the Year 2 Page.

Week beginning 18/05/2020       Friday   (Parents or older children please help to organise the activites below).

Good morning children. This week we are learning all about Castles which I am sure you are enjoying.

At the bottom of the page I am putting links to some craft activities so that maybe you could make a knight’s shield and sword over the half term holiday. You could also build yourself a castle – maybe a big one out of old boxes or use Lego or other construction materials.

This week you will be able to join in online with the Oldham Sports Development team for some PE & dance lessons. You will be able to find the sessions on FacebookYouTube  or  Twitter

Reading and writing: 

Over the one week half term holiday that begins on Monday, you might like to do the Juniper Education Reading Challenge. To do this you read (or click the story links to listen to the stories being read to you) 6 books that are recommended for KS1 children. Then you go onto the Reading Challenge webpage and leave a review for each book (ask a parent to help you fill them in for each book).

The books that have been chosen are really lovely and I am sure you will enjoy them. The books are:









If you click on the picture of the book you like the look of it will take you to a video of the story being read to you. You can always turn the sound off and read the book for yourself.

Perhaps do one book each day during the holiday.

If you write a review for all six books on the Reading Challenge webpage, you get a certificate.



You have online access to lots of the books that we use in school for guided reading on these websites:

For the Oxford Owls website you have the

class login: 2020y2      password: pink

Also try the Collins Direct website and sign in (make sure you copy exactly as it is below):

User name: parents@harpercollins.co.uk             Password: Parents20!

Choose Big Cat books.     Then choose which book band colour you want from the list at the side.

To move through the pages of the book, you need to click on the page you want to read next on the strip at the bottom of the page. It looks like this:


Spelling & grammar

Here is a table of some of the most important words you will be using this week. Spend some time practising spelling them.

Online phonics lessons. The website explains that the lessons will happen daily at the following times. The links to the lessons will be there later in the day if you miss that time. For parents there is a short video (click) that shows you how children are taught to say each of the phonic sounds.

10am – Reception Lesson 20 (click) if your child is reading a book that is a red, yellow, blue or green book band.

10:30am – Year 1 Lesson 20 (click). All children in Year 2 will benefit from this lesson because it will help them to improve their spelling of words that have sounds that can have various spelling patterns. This is an area of spelling that children often make mistakes with.

11:00am – Learning to blend lesson 20 (click) if your child is reading a book that is a pink, red, yellow, blue or green book band.

You can also watch some Storytime Phonics with the Phonic Fairy here (click).


Do a mental maths warm-up by practising your 2x, 5x & 10x tables. You can choose to go on the Hit the Button website (click). You could also login to Numbots and play some maths games to warm up your maths skills.

I know some of you really like the activities on Purple Mash so I have put some 2do activities on so that you can practise your multiplication skills. Login at purplemash.com/sch/hortonmill

Summer Term – Week 5 (w/c 18th May)   

Friday Maths Challenge


You will be able to find out about what happened all around the castle on this interactive map. Watch out for some of those topic words that you practised earlier.

If you click on the tournaments part of this interactive map, you will find out all about knights and how they had jousting competitions.

You can also watch a video of knights jousting here.

You might like to make your own shield and sword so that you can dress up as a knight and pretend that you are living in a castle. There are some links here that will show you what to do.

Make a cardboard shield (click)  and sword (click).


This week you will be able to join in online with the Oldham Sports Development team for some PE & dance lessons. You will be able to find the sessions on FacebookYouTube  or  Twitter

Do the warm up below first.

Today you can choose from lots of different games on The Joy of Moving website. See which game you like the sound of and make sure you have the equipment you need and the space to play in. Perhaps you could try a different game each week during the holidays.

Keep a list of all the games you play this week.

It is important to warm up our body before doing any exercise, but it also makes you feel ready to learn and have fun. Can you do these warm up activities for 30 seconds each? You do not need any equipment for this except a small ball for the last one. Also, just make sure you have some space! Why not ask your parents or carers to take part as well? If anything hurts, stop straight away.



We have introduced Storytime Phonics into Early Years and Key Stage 1 and we will be using it in Year 2 to support phonics teaching for those children that didn’t pass the Y1 phonics screening. It will also be used to support all children to develop their use of phonics to spell accurately during their independent writing. The phonics fairy reads stories to the children; gives them action captions to help remember the sounds and shows them how to write each sound correctly.

There will be lots of opportunities for writing, both in English lessons and for our learning challenge. Year 2 children will be supported to become more independent in developing their own ideas and to be ambitious in their use of vocabulary. During this half term there is a focus on children writing more interesting sentences using different sentence openers and including adjectives to write expanded noun phrases. You can support your child at home by talking to them about what they have been learning about, and it is very important that they are helped to learn their weekly spellings.


The main focus for this half term is to support children to begin to have a real understanding of what multiplication means. Your child does need to rote learn some times tables facts (2x, 5x & 10x) but they also need to be clear about what those facts mean so that they can apply them to different types of questions. Children will also begin to understand that division is the inverse operation to multiplication and they will begin to recognise and write simple fractions.

Your child also needs to have a clear understanding of place value and the difference between tens and ones.

We use lots of practical resources in our lessons so that children have a really clear concept of number. Children record their learning in many ways and it may be different from the formal methods that many adults are used to from their own school days. If your child needs to use counters at home to help them with homework, they can use simple household items such as buttons, straws or pieces of dry pasta. It is useful if you talk to your child about using numbers when you are shopping, cooking or looking at the time. This half term, we are going to be working really hard to ensure good fluency of the key number facts.

Some children are being invited to attend after school maths boosters to support their classroom learning. It is really important that your child attends each week if they have been invited.

We always try to make our lessons fun and interesting but we do expect children to work hard in class. Your child will cope much better with the school day if you ensure that they have enough sleep every day and are fresh for learning every morning. We are supporting children to become more independent but at this age they will need support from you to remember book bags and PE kit. The children are now very used to the routines and expectations of Year 2 and are very enthusiastic about their learning.

Mrs J Law (class teacher) & Ms A Holland (teaching assistant)

Mrs R Akhtar & Mrs Cooper (learning support assistants)























Enrichment Days



Role Play


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