Welcome to our new children and parents.

This half term the children’s learning  will be focused on a learning challenge question;” What do i know about me?”

We will cover the 7 early years areas of learning through out the year in Reception ; Communication and language,personal,social and emotional development,physical development,literacy,mathematics,understanding the world and expressive arts and design. The children will learn through whole class, group teaching and play skills.

In communication and language children will learn to listen and respond using spoken English to stories and rhymes.They will be encouraged to talk using sentences. In PSED children will learn new school and class routines with focus on respecting themselves,each other and the environment. In physical development children will learn different ways of travelling in gymnastics and cooperation in games. The children will experience activities to build upon their fine motor skills(scissor,drawing/writing tools,malleable) In literacy we will focus on learning alphabet letter names and sounds.We will learn early reading and writing skills. In maths we will focus on counting to 20 and ordering numbers to 20,beginning early addition skills using practical equipment.We will learn to recognise and use basic flat shapes to make and recognise patterning. In UW we will learn about ourselves;our bodies,growing,our feelings,families,likes and dislikes,similarities and differences and being healthy. In EAD we will experience drawing,painting,collage,dance,music and model making.

Children will take a reading book home to support their reading skills and a reading record for you to write a comment in. A reading wallet is available to buy from the school reception.

Children are encouraged to change clothes for P.E activity,please provide your child with  a T-shirt,leggings or shorts to change into inside a name labelled bag.

Please encourage your child to get dressed and undressed independently at home,including putting on and fastening their own coats. Thank you.

We welcome parents into school in the mornings to join their child in a learning activity and this is a good time to talk to teaching staff about your child and their needs.

The staff in Reception class are; Teacher-Mrs D.Reilly.Teaching assistant-Mrs R.Choudury,Higher level teaching assistant-Mrs Begum and a one to one teaching assistant-Miss Ahktar.